Mastering QlikView

Who this book is for

Mastering QlikView is not a complete beginners book.  This book is for anyone who has learned QlikView or Qlik Sense – either from formal training, online resources, or a book like QlikView 11 for Developers – and now wants to take their learning to a higher level.  

What the book covers

Chapter 1, Performance Tuning and Scalability
We look at understanding how QlikView stores its data so that we can optimize that storage in our applications.  We will also look at topics such as Direct Discovery and testing implementations using jMeter.

Chapter 2, QlikView Data Modeling
We look in detail at dimensional data modeling, learning about fact and dimension tables and using best practices from Ralph Kimball in QlikView.  We also learn about how to handle slowly changing dimensions (SCDs), multiple fact tables, and drilling across.

Chapter 3, Best Practice in Loading Data
Where we look at implementing ETL strategies with QVD files.  We also introduce QlikView Expressor.

Chapter 4, Data Governance
Looking at areas such as implementing metadata in QlikView and how to manage our implementation with the QlikView Governance Dashboard.

Chapter 5, Advanced Expressions
Where we look at areas such as Dollar-sign expansion, Set Analysis and vertical calculations using Total and Aggr.

Chapter 6, Advanced Scripting
In this chapter we look at optimizing loads, Dollar-sign expansion in the script and control structures.  We also introduce the concept of code reuse.

Chapter 7, Visualizing Data
We look at the historical background to data visualization, we gain an understanding of the human relationship with numbers, and learn some good design principles to bring to our applications.