Tuesday 25 August 2009

Change the Command Centre port in v8.5

Thought that I might document this here while I still have an 8.5 server to play with.

Often, other applications will grab the ports that QVP processes use on your server (e.g. McAfee AV will often use 8081). To change the QVP ports there are a couple of places that you need to make changes.

In Program Files\Qlikview\ControlPanel, edit web.config and change the entry:

< add key="CommandCenterURL" value="http://localhost:8081/qtcc.asmx"/ >


< add key="CommandCenterURL" value="http://localhost:8765/qtcc.asmx"/ >

(I am using 8765 as the example port to change to).

In Program Files\Qlikview\CommandCenterService, edit QVPublisherCommandCenterService.exe.config and change the entry

< add key="WebservicePort" value="8081" / >


< add key="WebservicePort" value="8765" / >

Stop and start the services and you should be OK. You can always test the service on the server by calling the web service:


It should respond:

CommandCenterService v 2.0.50727.3082 says, "Hello world. The time is: 8/25/2009 14:39:39.8992663". For wsdl, add ?WSDL at the end of the request.

There are similar processes to change and/or test the other services:

Execution Service: http://localhost:8082/qtxs.asmx

or http://localhost:8082/debug

Directory Service: http://localhost:8083/qtds.asmx


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