Thursday 30 September 2010

Access DBs on 64bit

I have written before about the issues of 32bit drivers on 64bit QlikView. It is great to see that version 10 will get past this but, if you need to get Access data into your server now, on earlier versions, that is not a help.

I am writing this because it is fresh in my mind because I have had the exact problem with a client. They had an old Access database that they needed to get data into on 64bit QlikView. Now, I have a 64bit Access driver because I have 64bit Office 2010 and it works great in QlikView. Microsoft have released this as a separate download so you don't need office installed on your server:

You don't need newer format Access databases, it works with older mdb files too. Only criticism that I have is that the DataLinks properties box doesn't have an ellipse button to allow you browse for your database. This isn't the most difficult thing to get past, just paste the path into the properties box.

Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks for the tip.

    I just recently tried to access a mdb-file from my QV 64-bit, but since I had Office 32-bit there was no luck. I tried to install both the 32-bit and the 64-bit from the page you linked to, but no luck. QV 64-bit couldn't use the 32-bit driver, and the 64-bit driver couldn't be installed because Office 32-bit is installed.
    The solution was to simply install QV 32-bit and everything then worked like a charm.

    Best regards
    Peppe Bergqvist

  2. Hi!

    We have the same problem with 32-bit drivers. To solve the problem we use two servers one with 32-bit and the other new one with 64-bit. We need to use the 32-bit (even if it's old and slow) to use the driver "Microsoft FoxPro VFP Drive" to fetch data from a databas that are using that driver. Do you think QV10.0 will solve this issue?


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