Friday 7 January 2011

Things I like about QlikView 10 - Part 1: Script

One of my favourite things about v10 is the changes that they have made to the load algorythm to multi-thread the symbol table creation. While you won't notice it so much up to a couple of hundred thousand rows of data, when you get into the millions it makes such a difference.

I am also a big fan of the new QVConnect process that allows you to use a 32bit driver on a 64bit server. It isn't something that we have run into everywhere but we have had a few customers with Accounting systems that only provided 32bit ODBC drivers. Now, it isn't even a consideration. Yay!

Within the script editor itself, the script syntax checking is taking some getting used to but is starting to save me a whole load of time. I am really enjoying the auto-complete here too.

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