Monday 23 April 2012

Change Their World

A guy I never met before just gave me $10 cash.  He challenged me to turn that $10 into $100.  His name is Phil Wall and he runs Hope HIV.

As it happens, I recently started running and am training for my first ever road race.  It is only 4k but we all have to start somewhere.  The race is in 2 weeks and training is going well.  I thought that it might be a great idea to combine the two and make that $100 from sponsorship.
The choice of HopeHIV was prompted by QlikView's "Change Their World" program.  The company deserves a lot of respect for their sense of social responsibility.

HopeHIV is a great cause and I hope you can help me out.

You can contribute at my JustGiving page - the money goes straight to the charity.

Stephen Redmond is CTO of CapricornVentis a QlikView Elite Partner

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