Monday 24 June 2013

Recipes for success

The new book should be ready to purchase in the next couple of days via the Packt site:

and shortly thereafter via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all the usual suspects.

I though that I would publish a list of the recipes that are in the CookBook so that all can see what you are getting.

1.  Charts

- Creating custom pop up labels in a bar chart
- Creating a box plot chart for a simple data set
- Using the wizard to create a box plot chart
- Creating a "Stephen Few" bullet chart
- Creating a modified bullet chart in a straight table
- Creating a bar chart in a straight table
- Creating a Redmond Aged Debt Profile chart
- Creating a waterfall chart
- Replacing the legend in a line chart with labels on each line
- Creating a secondary dimension in a bar chart
- Creating a line chart with variable width lines
- Brushing parallel coordinates
- Using redundant encoding with a scatter chart
- Staggering labels in a pie chart
- Creating dynamic ad hoc analysis in QlikView

2.  Layout

- Changing the default object layout options
- Changing the default selection color scheme
- Modifying the green, white, and gray selection color schemes
- Modifying the green, white, and gray selection color schemes on QlikView Server
- Using containers as an alternative to multi-boxes
- Using the design menus to custom format a cell

3.  Set Analysis

- Using dollar expansion in Set Analysis to enable from-date and to-date selection
- Using alternate states with Set Analysis
- Using Set operators to exclude values from results
- Using Set Analysis with a Date Island
- Using Sets to avoid key tables

4.  Advanced Aggregations

- Using TOTAL to calculate the percentage of total and the percentage of subtotal
- Using AGGR to calculate the percentage of the maximum value
- Using AGGR to resolve a "Sum of Rows" issue
- Creating a dynamic AGGR expression for a Group dimension using Dollar Expansion
- Using RangeMax to return only positive numbers
- Creating a dynamic Part-to-Whole pie chart
- Creating a colored treemap using colormix
- Using RangeSum to calculate a rolling total in a multi-dimension table
- Showing only the top 3 values in a pivot table
- Creating a Statistical Control Chart using Standard Deviation
- Creating a Moving Range chart
- Creating a Control Chart using Moving Range

5.  Advanced Coding

- Extracting QlikView data to a Word report
- Printing reports to PDF using PDFCreator
- Creating a chart using a macro
- Using VBS functions in charts

6.  Data Modeling

- Concatenation of fact tables to avoid loops and synthetic keys
- Creating a Key/Link table in QlikView

7.  Extensions

- Creating a simple HTML extension
- Creating a simple HTML table
- Creating an interactive extension
- Using external libraries with extensions

8.  Useful Functions

- Handling null in numeric fields or calculations
- Using Dual to handle period name sort
- Parsing text to numbers and dates
- Calculating Year To Date dynamically
- Labelling a pie chart to replace the legend
- Calculating the lowest or highest value in a range
- Consolidating a date-time value into quarter hourly segments
- Dynamically filtering by From/To dates

9.  Script

- Creating flags in the script
- Replacing IsNull
- Storing and dropping using a subroutine
- Keeping a trace on things
- Using AND Mode in listboxes
- Using Exists and Keep to limit the data load
- Setting the default display format
- Setting the default sort order
- Matching financial periods to dates
- Handling partial reload in the script
- Using Peek and Previous to calculate against loaded records
- Creating a simple Gantt for a dashboard using Interval Match
- Reading users from Active Directory
- Getting a sub-URL using the Table wizard
- Using parameters in Dollar Sign Expansion
- Removing fields with a wildcard
- Handling multiple subfolders in a script

10.  Improving Performance

- Reducing the number of distinct values
- Creating counter fields to avoid Count Distinct
- Creating flag fields to avoid Sum of If and other inefficient expressions
- Denormalizing for performance

11.  Security

- Section Access Gotcha's
- Blocking user access to a field using OMIT
- Making all values available to Admins

There was one additional Security recipe that didn't make it into the final cut - Linking Section Access to multiple dimensions.  This will be released as a free article on the Packt website.

Stephen Redmond is author of QlikView for Developer's Cookbook
He is CTO of CapricornVentis a QlikView Elite Partner. We are always looking for the right people to join our team.
Follow me on Twitter: @stephencredmond

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