Friday 17 October 2014

Configure a Qlik Sense security rule to reload one task

One of the cool things about Qlik Sense Server is the ability to be far more granular as to what you give particular users access to do in different areas.  In QlikView Server, we can make people Document Administrators and give them access to a folder to be able to perform reload tasks on the documents there.  In Qlik Sense Server, we can give a user, or users, access to just one reload task for one application.

In Qlik Sense QMC, I will go to the Security Rules section and add a new rule.  I will probably only want to add Read and maybe Update but not allow Delete for this rule.  The rule will apply to QMC only.

The Resources that I will list here can be either specific names of objects or they will be wildcards.  In this example, my list of Resources are:

QmcSection_Task - the access to the Task section of QMC
ReloadTask_1899c8cb-3073-4362-9f98-a36dee86dcc8 - Access to a specific task
App_3a1be6fa-99b4-422c-94a8-de031c94a7f3 - Access to a specific application

I could give access to ReloadTask_* and App_* to give the user or group access to all tasks and all apps.

In the access, I can assign to a specific set of users or I can specify a name of a role.  This role does not have to exist anywhere else - this is you creating it!

So, how do I find out the Guid of a particular Task or App?  Well, I could query the database directly for the information (see my previous blog entry - Connect to your Qlik Sense repository).  Alternatively, I can use the web browser's developer tools to help:

If I right-click on a Task or App in their respective lists, I can select "Inspect Element" from the menu (IE11 and Chrome - other browsers may vary).  The Span that contains the row will have an element that contains the Guid:

Just copy and paste!

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  1. Great post Stephen, thanks for sharing.

    Do you think that it would be possible to give a user ability to manage tasks but those related to apps belonging to a stream?

    In that case, could I reuse stream definition or should I use custom attributes?

  2. If you double-click an app or a task you will see its GUID in the browser's URL.


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