Monday 9 March 2015

Segment color in pie chart

QlikView 11.2 SR10 includes one new feature change:

"Now possible to define color of the lines around the sectors in a Pie chart. In the properties Color tab of the chart, you can now find the Sector outline property. Please note that calculated colors do not work for this setting."

I know what you are thinking - "Yay!  Sector outline!"

Ok, ok, I know it is not the most fabulous thing to happen to QlikView since it was created, but it does help me with one area: Pie-Gauges.

When I first proposed the Pie-Gauge, it was difficult to get it looking really nice with the native Pie control:

For me, the black outlines detracted from the visualization.  So much so, that I ended up creating an extension object to do the job!

This new change in SR10 means that I can make one properties change, and the same visualization now looks way better.

We could argue for hours about whether this is more or less effective than the same gauge, but it is nice to see new features like this creep into the product.

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