Thursday 9 April 2015

The vaccine effect

Sparked by Alberto Cairo's tweet sharing a blog on Recreating a famous visualisation, I decided that I would go onto the Project Tycho website and grab the data myself to play with in Qlik Sense.

It was, of course, fairly quick to import an Excel file into Qlik Sense Desktop, adding a CrossTable command to break out the data by State.  First visualization, one that I usually turn to to see what I have, was the bar chart:

By adding a color expression to highlight bars up to 1963, when the measles vaccine was introduced, versus those after 1963, the data jumped out very quickly.

I used the new pivot table in Qlik Sense to recreate the WSJ heatmap, along with similar color rules to those used by Mick Watson:

I also decided to have a look at the geographic spread, both before and after the vaccine:

Vaccines are really amazing. Just to think that just over 50 years ago, people were dying from a disease that, for most of us now just doesn't exist.

Worth thinking about.

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