Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Custom popup labels on bar chart

The default pop-up for a QlikView bar chart is not always the most friendly. It shows the values for dimensions and expressions in the form:

  Dimension 1 = Value
  Dimension 2 = Value
  Expression = Value

Now, we may not like this popup and wish to display the values differently or add different formats. We may even want to include additional information.

Well, you can. There are a couple of steps:

Step 1
For your existing expression, make sure that the "Text as Popup" option is turned off.

Step 2
Add a new Expression that calculates out the correct string that you want to display in your popop with all the correct formatting. For this expression, turn on that "Text as popup" option. But we don't want the chart trying to display a real bar for this expression so take off the "Bar" option (the icon for the expression will change from the Bar icon to a text bubble icon).

Step 3
We need to stop the default popup - on the Presentation tab, turn off the "Pop-up labels" option.

Job done.

If you are on QlikCommunity (and if you aren't, why on earth not???) then you can grab a demo of this created by me from:


  1. this is very cool and useful way of getting rid of popups stephen, thanks a lot!
    but how can we accomblish the same for scatter charts?
    i mean, by default, in scatter charts, the option of turning off "bar" or "line" option is disabled.

  2. In a scatter chart, just add a 4th expression to create the popup label.

  3. I need the exact feature. I am creating an expression but I dont have a way to switch off the "Bar" option. I switched off "hide Axis" in Axes tab. The chart fails to draw when I add an expression with "Text as label" option. I am using version 10.

  4. Thanks for the post.

    Can we change the background color and the style for the pop up messages in Charts?

  5. Hi, Stephen!
    How to use this hint with cyclic group?

  6. The link to the demo is no longer working


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