Monday 14 September 2009

More on Dual

I posted recently about the very useful Dual function (to store a numeric value and a text value - e.g. for Months).

Another good application of this function is in a chart calculation. If your calculation includes a dual, e.g.:

Dual(Country & ' (' & Num(Sum(Sales)/Sum(Total Sales),'0.00%') & ')', Sum(Sales))

Then you will have both a Number and a Text value - either or both can be displayed on the chart using the "Text on Datapoint" and/or the "Numbers on Datapoint" options in the Express Tab of the chart.

One use of this is to display 2 disfferent calculations on, say, a pie chart. In the above example, the Pie chart could be set to display both the total values and the percentages - something that is not achievable any other way.


  1. This good idea does not work with latest beta of the v9 SR1


  2. Yep. It has been broken in SR1.

    This is because they have replaced the 2 options of "Show Text on Data Point" and "Show Numbers on Data Point" with "Show Values on Data Point"

    You can "fix" it by using:

    Dual(Country & ' (' & Num(Sum(Sales)/Sum(Total Sales),'0.00%') & ')' & chr(13) & Num(Sum(Sales),'#,##0'), Sum(Sales))


  3. Just posted a response to this as a new article. Have a look at

  4. I would say that 11 slices on a Pie chart is way too many and you are going to have problems with positioning of the text. My own opinion is that any more than 3 slices doesn't work.

    A horizontal bar chart would work very well though - and you can keep the labels.


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