Tuesday 5 April 2011

No printing in Ajax

I have come across this a number of times, most recently on a post on Community.QlikView.com, so I thought it was worth sharing.

If you have any type of printing enabled in QlikView, the QlikView Desktop and Plugin will render the printing and submit to the relevant printer. This also gives facility for Print Preview. This facility is not available in Ajax - a limitation of the thin client.

To have printing in Ajax, any print jobs need to be rendered on the server into PDF and then presented to the user as a download.

The problem occurs if the IT department has "hardened" your QlikView Server. One of the common steps in hardening is to disable the Print Spooler Service. This is often built into a Group Policy rule also.

The problem for QlikView is that during installation of QlikView Server, the installer attempts to install the PDF XChange drivers. This step will fail if the Print Spooler service is not running.

Once you have sorted out the Print Spooler Service, you don't need to re-install QlikView Server. There is a PDF driver available as a separate download in the QlikView downloads area.


  1. Hi Stephen,

    Does your post relate to QV9 or QV10 server. I have QV10 server installed with PDF XChange-3 and the Spooler Service is running. However, the output is still an HTML page and not PDF. Any ideas?


  2. Hi Matt,

    Relates to both v9 and v10.

    When you say, "output is still an HTML page", are you seeing the actual report content as expected? Are you sure that it is not PDF - it really depends on how your browser handles it. My Chrome browser handles it differently than my IE browser.

  3. Stephen,

    Yes I'm seeing the report content as expected on an html page and not a pdf. I've tested in both IE9 and Chrome. The page I get directed to is

    The pdf conversion doesn't appear to be happening.


  4. Hi Stephen,

    I have one query regarding the printing of the sheets of the qlikview document. Suppose there is nothing installed on ur system(Printer functionality and adobe pdf reader). Is there any way we can print the sheet on click of a button. Like any macro for this or any extension object.

    Or can we just mail the pdf file which contains the print of all the sheets present in the document by clicking a button.

    Deepac Bangarwa


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