Wednesday 6 April 2011

QlikView Mobile

I attended a great session at Qonnections yesterday where the new mobile app for ipad was presented.

Up till now, QlikView have had a specific mobile application for iPhone which they then enhanced to a "HD" version for iPad. This client was very different from the traditional QlikView. They also had a Java mobile client that worked on devices like BlackBerry. There was also, at one stage, an Android client - lots of clients to have had to support.

Essentially what has been done with new client is that the existing AJAX client has been enhanced to support gestures on mobile devices. The AJAX client has worked on these devices before but many things didn't work as expected and it was a less than satisfactory experience. With the new gesture support, using your finger instead of a mouse is just simple.

From QlikView's point of view, this move makes a lot of sense. Not having to create an support multiple clients means that they can focus effort on making their core clients even better. From an implementation point of view, there is nothing extra left to do - it works off Access Point same as other clients. All of the security, etc., works with it. It is worth sizing screens to the expected end user tablet size - but that is just best practice anyway.

This is already available for people to have a look at - point your tablet device to Any of the existing demos will work. Nothing special has been done to them. There are a couple of "iPad optimized demos" which you should find a link to off the main window.

For customers, this will be available in SR2 for QlikView 10 - which is due out in the next week or so.

There is a video available showing some of the new features here:

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