Tuesday 31 May 2016

Pie charts and perceptual anchors

There have been some information on a couple of really excellent research papers on pie charts released today from Robert Kosara (@eagereyes) and Drew Skau (@SeeingStructure) :


I had, coincidentally, been doing some research of my own on perceptual anchors and how that relates to performance of pie charts versus stacked bar charts in part-to-whole comparisons. It would suggest that pies are not the terrible bad-guy after all. Who knew!

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  1. Hi Stepehn,
    I have a small query. Hope you can help me on this.
    I have three different sources which I get as QVX file( Source1.qvx source2.qvx source3.qvx). I'm directly importing this qvx files into the qlikview. In these three sources I have common variables Year, Month , Day. Since Source1 is my main data. I created a drop down the qlikview for user selection. I’m looking for global variable when user selects year , month, day from the source1 the selection must be pass as parameters(year, Mon,Day) to source2 and source3 inputs.

    Sources: Source1, Source2, Source3
    Parameters to be passed : Year, Month, Day
    From: Source1 To: Source2,Source3

    Data: In source1
    Year Month Day
    2015 Jan 1
    2015 Jan 2.
    If you want me to provide me with test data I can do that.


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